In and Out of Delhi

written by Vicki

After stuffing ourselves with German sweets (the sausages looked and smelled soooo good, but not for vegetarians!) we said goodbye to Frankfurt and took off for Delhi. We got the best possible seats that are not first class, so Kelley got to stretch her long legs completely out. We were picked up by a smiling man from the world Buddhist centre and got into our rooms about 4 am. We have been swinging from trying not to fall asleep in the middle of the day to lying awake for hours in the middle of the night. today we visited the big Krishna  temple and enjoyed the chanting and a great vegetarian meal with Jennifer’s friends from Hornby island who we ran into in the Delhi airport. yikes! talk about small world! The atmosphere at the World Buddhist Centre is  lovely: clean, calm, and friendly. we have had delicious meals with resident Guruji, visiting monks, music students, nuns, yoga teachers who stay here as they transit.   Imagine Joseph’s surprise when he discovered  that Guruji is an avid musician! He and Joseph have had a couple of extraordinary jams with guitars, keyboard and harmonicas. Tomorrow we are off to the peaceful and beautiful bahai lotus temple and then I will be ready to leave noisy, dusty, crowded Delhi for the fresh clean mountain air and views of MacLeod Ganj.